Bethesda Brings WADs Back to Doom and Doom II

Bethesda Brings WADs Back to Doom and Doom II

Bethesda is updating DOOM (1993) and DOOM II on all platforms to provide curated add-ons, 60 FPS support, Quick Save functionality, and several quality of life adjustments. One of the curated megaWADS for the re-released games is John Romero’s SIGIL DLC which was released in March 2019.

For those not in the know, WADs were mod packages for the original DOOM games that included additional sprites, game saves, and levels much like modern PC mods. The curated batch of add-ons included in the latest patch updates have been cleared by Bethesda and may be downloaded for free from the main menu of both DOOM (1993) and DOOM II. The initial batch includes SIGIL, TNT Evilution, No Rest for the Living, and The Plutonia Experiment. However, if your favorite WAD didn’t make the cut, Bethesda will be releasing more updates with additional WADs in the future.

Other highlights of the Patch include native 60 FPS support on all platforms, which is a significant update from the original games’ 35 FPS cap. Players can now utilize quick saves while paused in-game by pressing R/R1/RB to save their current position. To load back to that spot, players can simply head back the the pause screen and hit L/L1/LB. Both games also have a new Quick Weapon Select feature, improved Level Select functions, and additional Aspect Ratio and Brightness options, as well as a split-screen HUD. Several bug fixes were also implemented in the patch to fix issues with the original Dos release and a trophy glitch for “When I’m With You.”

The full patch notes can be found here if you want to make sure your favorite DOOM glitches weren’t removed from the games in today’s patch.

As we discovered in 2015, despite its age, the original DOOM still holds up pretty well against modern FPS games, which were based off the successful franchise. And with curated add-ons, new players and console players will be able to experience the true DOOM experience. At least, without the frustration of some lower-quality WADs, which is an overall gain for gamers as a whole.

DOOM (1993) and DOOM II were re-released during QuakeCon along with DOOM 3. They’ve both been updated several times since the initial launch, and are available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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