Driveclub VR Rated By ESRB

| Apr 25, 2016
Driveclub VR Rated By ESRB 1

Driveclubs virtual reality debut finally has an ESRB rating, suggesting the project is still in development and ready for full release.

The ESRB typically evaluates a game’s content, including any violence, sexual content, language, controlled substances, gambling and more. Driveclub VR received a rated of “E” for Everyone, meaning the content is suitable for anyone above the age of six.

Driveclub Vr Rated By Esrb

Driveclub VR is a virtual reality racing game in development for the PS4. It features a full 360 degree view from inside the driver’s seat, placing players in a frantic race taking place in any of several real-world environments.

Driveclub VR started as a demo to demonstrate the capabilities of the PlayStation VR, but now that it has an ESRB rating, there’s a chance it could be a launch window title for PlayStation’s virtual reality headset.

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