EA Scraps Massive Sports Game For Star Wars

| Jun 22, 2016
EA Scraps Massive Sports Game For Star Wars

EA’s massive extreme-sports game, being developed by Burnout and Need for Speed developers: Criterion Games is apparently being shelved in favor of the galaxy far, far away.

According to Gamespot, a long time ago… E3 2014 specifically, EA announced the expansive sports game said to have an open-world and feature a wild combination of vehicles ranging from cars, to helicopters, to jet-skis, to ATVs. The whole game was set to be in first-person (and with how well GTA V worked in first-person, something tells me this would’ve have been incredible) and was supposedly inspired by action footage taken by daredevils and uploaded to Youtube.

EA has since announced that the game has been cancelled and Criterion is now shifting its focus towards support in the Star Wars series. Criterion is currently working on the Battlefront VR experience, and they also had a hand in working on the Speeder-Bikes in the latest Battlefront.

While the untitled sports project may be gone, fans of first-person extreme sports will at least have their hunger satiated with Ubisoft’s Steep which, while only offering snowboarding, skiing and wing-suiting (I refuse to include parachuting, because there’s nothing extreme about gently floating to the ground), looks to offer a similar experience.

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