Big Elden Ring Leak Details Expansive Character Creation Screen

Big Elden Ring Leak Details Expansive Character Creation Screen

Elden Ring is possibly the most anticipated title of 2022 thus far, and while the release feels like it’s right around the corner the character creation system has leaked before launch.

The new FromSoftware title fans have been clamouring over fell into the leaky ship of before-launch detail exposure. This time, Elden Ring‘s character creator was leaked, and it is quite detailed.

The leak of the character customization screen showed that players will have to make of their class beforehand. It’s also worth mentioning that typical Dark Souls-esque skills return in this title, as the Vigor through Arcane skill point system makes a shift over to the new title to beef up the player’s version of the Tarnished. This is the leaked customization video that showcases the near-human features players can experiment with, and the ability to make your character Hulk-green:

More notably is the inclusion of a class system that allows the player to choose between 10 different classes to determine where skill points will be allocated during a playthrough. Most of the textual information is not available, however, so class-related details are sparse as of this moment.

While the character creator does seem to be a vast upgrade from other FromSoftware titles, the video details some horrific abominations that could be described as Little Nightmares reminiscent. The character creation screen can allow the player to make themselves more jarring than enemy creatures, Bloodborne but scarier.

Big Elden Ring Leak Details Expansive Character Creation Screen
The Tarnished, indeed.

As Elden Ring continues its march towards the February release date, this will likely not be the only leak the title sees, as more information will surely become available up to launch.

Fans can flock to the Elden Ring Official Twitter account for more updates that precede the launch, pre-orders are currently available on all platforms for the title ahead of its February 25 release date this year.

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