Elder Scrolls Online beta open

| Jan 22, 2013
Elder Scrolls Online beta open - 2013-01-22 16:21:46

 The Elder Scrolls Online will be yet another beta to add to the list this month, as official sign-ups are now open.

To sign-up for The Elder Scrolls Online beta, all potential players need to head to www.ElderScrollsOnline.com and register for a chance to play.

The Elder Scrolls Online is the first of The Elder Scrolls titles to be played as an online game, and is set for an anticipated release sometime in 2013.

“We’re really excited to get the game into players’ hands,” said Matt Firor, Game Director of The Elder Scrolls Online in a press release. “We receive invaluable feedback through the beta process, and that helps us ensure that the game will be one of the best online gaming experiences ever offered — one worthy of The Elder Scrolls franchise.”

Developed by ZeniMas Online Studios, Elder Scrolls Online will have the same feel as the Scrolls games normally do, keeping with the ability to have players have their own style of play. Using ZeniMas Online’s Megaserver technology, players will join into one connected world with a built in social network to stay up to date with what their friends are up to while playing.

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