The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces The Legacy of the Bretons Chapter in High Isle

Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Exciting High Isles Chapter Giving Fans Access For The 1st Time 3

The new year brought a new Elder Scrolls Online world, introducing the Breton home world of High Isle for the very first time in Elder Scrolls history with The Legacy of the Bretons.

As previously teased earlier in the month, Elder Scrolls Online brought a huge announcement of the next chapter in the ESO world. The expansion of the High Isle is a completely cut-off section of Tamriel that is filled with intrigue, mystery, politics, and dungeons for adventurers to work the arrows out of their knees.

As the stream started, fans were re-introduced to the world of Elder Scrolls Online, giving newcomers common ground with the veterans in the room. Pete Hines informed the audience that there are over 20 million players of ESO, giving it a truly online community feel. A promise was made of a ton of new content, and they were not wrong.

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Exciting High Isle Chapter For 2022
Elder Scrolls Online High Isle

High Isle gives players a Game of Thrones type DLC chapter, that is pulled straight from the Red Keep, featuring great castle walls, and tournament grounds. The focus of a brand-new storyline filled with political intrigue and adventure plays a huge part while parleying on the Breton homeland. With the cut-off nature of High Isle from the rest of Tamriel, it gives secret peace talks between leaders of the Three Banners War a chance. However, while the Society of Steadfast summits occur, there is the antagonistic Ascendant Order waiting in the wings to spill chaos onto the island.

The Systres Archipelago is uncharted for players of not just The Elder Scrolls Online, but all of the Elder Scrolls games. In the lore, it is suggested that only a single Redguard has ever charted the High Isle up to this 1000-year period before the events of the Oblivion Crisis in Elder Scrolls IV.

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Exciting High Isle Chapter For 2022

The stunning High Isle shows off luscious beaches, and the nobles of Tamriel treat it like the Bahamas, where play and game run rampant in society. One of these islands of the Systres, however, is called Amenos, a deadly jungle island home to a large prison for those who break order on the islands. The monstrous nature of this ‘hell’ gives off real Azkaban vibes, loaded with hostility and real punishment.

New Dark Anchor-type world encounters, also similar to Abyssal Geysers will happen on the islands. These are called Volcanic Vents and will net rewards for adventurers who aim to complete these tasks within the new Elder Scrolls Online chapter.

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Exciting High Isle Chapter For 2022

A brand-new in-game card game was announced called Tales of Tribune, which sees players duel in a different fashion, allowing players to drop their weapons and leave everything on the table. The game will be playable like Witcher III: The Wild Hunt‘s Gwent, which is anywhere. There will be specific quest lines in this addition to The Elder Scrolls Online, along with rewards granted to the players who engage. Dedicated ranking systems for PvP play will be introduced.

Players will start with four starter decks and will be able to unlock new cards and decks through the quest lines, and play. Standalone upgrade cards for players will be granted through adventuring and Tales of Tribune-based quests. Besides cards to upgrade players’ table tenacity, other in-game rewards will be given such as furniture for player homes, possible motifs, and of course, the highly sought transmute stones. Oddly enough, the game will be tactical for veterans and newcomers as, before play, the participants will combine their decks and split them evenly to create an even playing ground during the match.

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Exciting High Isle Chapter For 2022
Ember and Isobel

Fan favourite characters will return in this chapter, such as the trouble making Breton, Jakarn, who will definitely stir trouble, and the Khajiit Captain Za’ji assuring ‘this one’ will have no fear. On top of all the excitement, two brand-new companions have been announced. Ember the Khajiit mage who grew up on the streets, and Isobel the aspiring Breton knight whose call to justice and chivalry will be an Elder Scrolls Online staple.

At the end of the introduction cinematic to the High Isle, fans were shown the villainous side of the Ascendant Order’s leader as the vicious armoured figure shoves a throned figure down and replaces them. A scene pulled from a regicide handbook. This was noted as the antagonist, the Ascendant Lord, who will create problems for the player throughout the chapter.

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Typical ESO fashion sees the DLC release in waves, as the Ascending Tide will drop first on March 14 for PC players, and March 29 for console players. Two new dungeons were introduced, giving fans a welcome into the whole new chapter.

There is also a new player collection, which will give brand new ESO players access to EVERYTHING ESO has to offer, including the High Isle.

Players who pre-purchase the entire chapter before April 4 will receive a new limited Palefrost Elk mount and pet immediately, and pre-purchase is available for all platforms now.

See you on the High Isle this year adventurers!

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduces Exciting High Isle Chapter For 2022
The Legacy of the Bretons Release Dates

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