Elder Scrolls Online Takes Fans To A Brand-New Location In Latest Teaser

Elder Scrolls Online Takes Fans To A Brand New Location For The 1st Time Ever

Zenimax’s Elder Scrolls Online has evolved since its release in 2014, and now it promises to deliver the first steps in a brand-new Elder Scrolls location only told through lore.

The Elder Scrolls Online has brought a vast amount of expansions to the MMORPG and with the expansions, many updates and quality of life features. Fans of the title can look back on the beginnings of ESO and truly see a different game than what it is today.

Of these many DLCs to the massive title, Zenimax has made it a huge point to include fan-favourite content like the Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves Guild, and many dungeons in between. Orsinium was an outlier, as it was another venture into the barely scratched surface territory since Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.

Elder Scrolls Online Takes Fans To A Brand-New Location In Latest Teaser
ESO: Morrowind

One of the first massive expansions, Morrowind, brought Elder Scrolls Online fans back to the Dark Elf home of Vvardenfell, which has not been explored since Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This ‘return to’ locales model has been a boon for the MMORPG’s relevance, as nostalgia continuously brings players back to ESO looking for more Scrolls goodness.

Eight years later, after the title has been improved upon, and players were treated to many DLC and expansions to keep them coming back, ESO has finally done the unthinkable and promises to treat fans of Tamriel to an unexplored region of the world. Although they did bring players back to Skyrim again, without Ralof rudely waking you up.

Speedrunner Pranks Stream With Skyrim Meme
Scene not included in The Elder Scrolls Online

The short teaser trailer not only shows a vessel attempting to breach a well-fortified shore of the unknown land, but the character that is clad in armor also greets an oncoming storm in stunning graphics while the ESO theme plays in the background.

It seems the island where the teaser takes fans, is surrounded by water, so it is quite possible the new location could be Pyandonea. This is where the Maormer, the sea elves reside and the location is far south of the Summerset isles of High Elves. This location remains untouched in all of the Elder Scrolls titles and is a perfect way to expand the lore.

Of course, the guess is speculation, as the formal announcement will commence on January 27, 3 pm EST, which can be watched on Bethesda’s Official Twitch here. Here is the teaser trailer:

YouTube video

If anyone has other guesses, please write them in the comments below, it’s always fun to speculate about Elder Scrolls Online lore.

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