Massive ‘Escape the Mad Empire’ Announced By XperimentalZ Games For PC

| December 2, 2021
Massive 'Escape the Mad Empire' Announced By XperimentalZ Games For PC

After 4 long years of development, Escape the Mad Empire‘s long-awaited release date is finally on the horizon.

XperimentalZ Games has officially announced the multi-genre game, Escape the Mad Empire for release on PC and early Steam access for 2023.

Escape the Mad Empire marries a plethora of genres that have made a resurgence in recent years. Traditional roguelikes, party-based tactical RPG, the management or base-building RPG, and even a touch of action-RPG elements to give gamers a fresh look at gameplay pretty much during the entirety of the play. The announcement trailer is here in all of its pixelated glory:

YouTube video

The Main features of Escape the Mad Empire include:

  • Game loop gameplay, found consistent in rogue-lite procedural dungeon adventures with perma-death on your party.
  • An in-depth Campaign Mode that allows the player to manage adventurers and upgrade their base between intense missions.
  • A Deep and rich party-based tactical RPG battle system. 
  • Real-time combat, with Instant-actions on pause which allows for tactical management bridging the gap between real-time and turn-based combat mechanics.
  • Hundreds of spells, skills, items or consumables that provide context, with actions and special mechanics that work together for cohesive gameplay
  • Boss Battles (of course).
  • An Epic Runs Mode (closer that we find in traditional roguelikes)
  • An amazing 8-bit sound that reminds the players of old-school dungeon crawlers.
  • And assuredly, much more.

A game that ties together features from classic adventures such as Baldur’s Gate II, Darkest Dungeon I, Brogue, and Enter the Gungeon seems like too many ingredients in a salad. However, the trailer shows some promising gameplay that aims to give the player a lot of choices and a ton of gameplay elements.

Players can add Escape the Mad Empire to their Steam wishlist now, or they can follow XperimentalZ Games on Twitter for future updates.

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