Eville Exposes How to Defeat the Conspirators!

Eville Exposes How to Defeat the Conspirators! 1

VestGames is back teaching fans of Eville about the other side of the village in Villaging 101: Finding the Evil in Eville.

At the beginning of the month aspiring players were taught how “to be successful in your bloodthirsty endeavours” in Conspiring 101 but now they’re back with expert tips on being one of the good guys. You’ll get your chance to pick a side soon with early access on Steam.

Eville, Early Access Coming Soon To Steam
Eville, Early Access Coming Soon to Steam

Several new roles were announced today by VestGames, so if you’re too tame to be an evil conspirator, you’ll be able to try your hand at one of these:

The Mayor: Collect taxes, shift the blame, and when accused, simply flex that political power to reject any implication of guilt because, after all, you’re of noble blood! Being Mayor also comes with the super-handy ability to vote twice — “democracy” in action!

Ghost Whisperer: Summon a ghastly apparition to help guide you to the currently-undiscovered remains of a murdered Villager, and while you’re there feel free to help yourself to their belongings — they’re not going to need them where they’re headed

Detective: While their fellow villagers are sleeping peacefully in their super uncomfortable medieval beds, the Detective can prowl the streets, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity! They can also “lawfully” enter the houses of fellow villagers and investigate whether or not the job title they claim is actually legit or a dastardly lie!

Seer: Every village has one: the nosy neighbor who stays up all night spying on their fellow citizens and making sure nobody violates the HOA rules — or, you know, murders someone. The Seer can place a “watchful eye” anywhere in town that they can peep through whilst everyone else sleeps.

Trapper: Using skills developed while hunting beasts in the wild forests and moors, the Trapper can track suspicious movements and lay down crafty traps that catch audacious axe murderers in the act.

Guard: Uphold the rule of law in classic medieval fashion: stake out an area overnight and stab anyone that crosses your path!

Eville joins other popular games like Among Us and One Night Ultimate Werewolf in the social deduction genre, but with its own unique twist. Good or evil, Eville has a role for you, use tools and skills to harm your foes or hunt them down. If being an innocent villager is not for you, learn how to be a master assasinator in their earlier master class, Conspiring 101, here. Study hard, residents of Eville, the murder spree begins soon!

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