Eville Puts A New Villainous Spin on Social Deduction Games

| Feb 17, 2021
Eville Puts A New Villainous Spin on Social Deduction Games 2
Train in the arts of hiding in plain sight and outwitting your friends with Eville, the upcoming social deduction game from VestGames.

As detailed in a brand new video, Eville pits up to 12 players against each other in a medieval murder mystery, where the killers are still on the loose and everyone’s a suspect. Players will either an innocent Citizen and try to survive the night, or a Conspirator, hiding amongst the townfolk and knocking other players off.

Multiple character classes will amplify the strategic implications. For instance, a Citizen may take the Detective role to sneak around at night, while other villagers are asleep, and find the perfect evidence to reveal at the next town meeting. The Mayor gets extra voting power, the Trapper sets dastardly traps, and the Slanderer casts doubts and aspersions by gossiping about the other players. Roles swap each session to keep things interesting.

Items can also be crafted, such as life-saving potions or boots that protect Conspirators from booby traps. The cycle of murder, deception, betrayal, and teamwork leads to public executions for the villains (or poor, wrongly accused villains).

Eville Puts A Medieval Spin On The Social Deduction Genre.
Eville puts a medieval spin on the social deduction genre. (VestGames)

Recently showcased during the Steam Winter Festival, Eville is set in a charming medieval village where players can enjoy a sunny stroll around town amidst the murder mystery intrigue—collecting herbs, talking to vendors, and customizing their avatar with a myriad of cosmetics. Everything changes at night, when villagers retire to bed and Conspirators set about their grim work.

Eville will launch on Steam Early Access in 2021.

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