Eville Gets New Adventuring Trailer From VestGames

Quests Make Things Spicy!

VestGames Games Release New Eville Adventuring Trailer

Today, independent developer VestGames provides a deeper look at one of the many unique features in their upcoming social deduction game, Eville.

While many social deduction games will often have minimal activity for the non-murderous players to partake in as they await their impending doom, Eville offers players quests to complete throughout the day which will fetch them rewards to be used to help their team survive the game.

A short adventuring explainer video details the quest system in Eville, below.

YouTube video

VestGames provides the following details about the quest system in Eville:

“Quests are vital to maintaining (or disrupting) the peace in Eville. Sure, completing them will grant players rewards like coins for the markets, but compensation and boons vary depending on whether you’re a Villager or Conspirator. The ‘Full-Moon’ quest event, for example, lets villagers get up in the dead of night and find a suitable place to hide from any evil-doers predisposed to stick them with a blade’s pointy end. Conversely, the ‘Fog’ event quest envelopes the village in a thick, damn-near impenetrable fog during the day — an ideal setting for any conspirator looking to check-off daylight-killing from their bucket list.”

CGM recently had the opportunity to check out Eville in a hands-on preview with the development team at VestGames. You can read our impressions of the game here.

Eville mixes the social deduction formula seen in games like Among Us and One Night Ultimate Werewolf with the flair and style of fantasy to build a new and unique experience. For anyone who loves the genre, Eville will be available for PC on Steam this year, so get ready to deceive.

Brendan Frye
Brendan Frye

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