Ex-Yager Developers Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Ex-Yager Developers Launch Kickstarter Campaign 1

Three Ex-Yager developers will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund their newest indie title, All Walls Must Fall, on March 22, 2017. Backers of the game will be granted access to an exclusive closed alpha sometime in May of this Year.

All Walls Must Fall is set to be a noir styled tactical game, set in the future of Berlin in the year 2089, the game recreates a fictional version of the cold war as players aim to discover the truth of why the East and West have been in opposition for the last 150 years. Making use Unreal Engine 4, the game blends an art direction of 2D and 3D visuals in an Isometric real time action style. The game also promises to allow players to use a variety of tactics, giving them the option to choose between a more combat heavy or stealth experience. An additional mechanic of the game will be a way to manipulate time, allowing for an even wider range of strategy. The developers also promise inclusive representation of the people of Berlin, displaying the nation’s diverse cultural, sexual and gender identities.

Ex-Yager Developers Launch Kickstarter Campaign 1

While the developers, an independent studio named Inbetweengames, was founded in fall of 2015, before leaving their previous company, Spec Ops: The Line creators; YAGER, the team of four developers created a free game called The Mammoth: A Cave Painting, released for PC, Android and IOS devices months before forming their own company. Players worked to survive as a mammoth, gathering and protecting it’s herd from the dangers of the wild and human hunters, taking on a visual aesthetic of a cave painting.

All Walls Must Fall is currently in development for PC by Inbetweengames. Developer updates can be found on the company’s official blog, Twitter and Facebook pages along with other interesting pieces such as self-interviews.

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