Explore a New Wasteland with the Fallout Board Game

Explore a New Wasteland with the Fallout Board Game

Bethesda and Fantasy Flight Games are partnering together to bring a whole new Fallout experience to fans. Game Informer got a chance to try out the upcoming Fallout board game and gave CGM the details on the upcoming game.

For those of you wondering, yes you get to explore the wasteland in this game. This isn’t a Fallout Shelter type of game where you never journey outside of the Vault. This game really tries to emulate the experience of playing the video games by letting players explore the wasteland and become involved in its world.

One to four players can choose their apocalyptic wanderer from a selection including such characters as a Wastelander and a devout member of the Brotherhood of Steel. Players move across a hex-based board and explore environments from all across Fallout lore.

No matter what scenario players are playing, they will be able to gain influence with factions, gather allies, acquire weapons and armour all while gaining experience and levelling up. In a twist on the standard “SPECIAL” system that the video games use, players can either increase an ability such as Perception or Charisma, or they can choose to instead receive a perk that provides them an advantage in specific situations.

Much like the video games, players will be able to focus on decision making as they journey across the new wasteland. Their decisions can influence the very board around them and help to make every game unique. One example from the Game Informer article mentions the chance to free a group of super mutants from imprisonment. Following that decision, there may be super mutant cards added to the encounter deck.

Fantasy Flight Games are working on the Fallout board game now and should hopefully have a release in the upcoming months. For now, players who want to satisfy their Fallout itch can always go back to Fallout 4 regardless of however many times they’ve played it.

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