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Id Software Developing New Vr Game For 2021 1

Id Software Developing New VR Game for 2021

 |  Clement Goh
“Project 2021A” is the latest codename for a VR game in development at id Software and Bethesda Softworks, according to an Australian ratings page which also labels it as an M-rated title.
Fallout Web Series Coming From Amazon Studios 1

Fallout Web Series Coming From Amazon Studios

 |  Clement Goh
Post-apocalyptic RPG series Fallout will be getting an adaptation from Kilter Films, who are producing a show with Amazon Studios. In an announcement from Bethesda, Fallout‘s universe will be the basis for an original story while Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are serving as producers. Bethesda will also be directly involved through their Softworks and […]
Fallout 76 Players Report Npcs Stealing Weapons After Dying 1

Fallout 76 Players Report NPCs Stealing Weapons After Dying

 |  Clement Goh
A bug in Fallout 76 sees players respawning into their games with fewer items in their inventory after dying. Some of their belongings are later seen being used by 76‘s new NPCs as part of its new Wastelanders update.
A Look Back At The 2010'S Most Disappointing Games

Hindsight 2020: The Most Disappointing Games of the 2010s

 |  Clement Goh
The past ten years opened an opportunity for game developers to bring themselves closer with their communities. 
Fallout 76 Patch Causes Issues For Legendary Gear

Fallout 76 Patch Causes Issues For Legendary Gear

 |  Sarah Cooke
It’s only been live for a day but ‘Update 16’ has caused a small outrage from players as their legendary gear drops stats when they reload their guns.
The Outer Worlds Review

The Outer Worlds Review

 |  Brendan Quinn
As I rapidly approach my dotage, I find I have far less time, effort, and patience for online gaming. What I primarily play these days are roguelikes and single-player RPGs.
Bethesda Confirms The Date Of Their E3 2019 Showcase 1

Bethesda Confirms The Date of Their E3 2019 Showcase

 |  Harrison Dressler
Since EA and Playstation backed out of this year’s E3 last week, people have started to wonder about which studios will have physical showcases at the upcoming event. Well, fans of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series rejoice, because developer Bethesda has confirmed that they would in fact be attending E3 2019.
Fallout 76 Players Getting Fallout 1, 2 And Tactics For Free Next Month

Fallout 76 Players Getting Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics For Free Next Month

 |  Pedro D'Avila
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may be aware that Fallout 76 didn’t launch to what anyone would consider critic acclaim, but worry not, as Bethesda has risen to the rescue by offerings players a free trip to the series seemingly brighter past. The announcement came directly from Bethesda’s Twitter account, where the […]
Fallout 76 Proves Loyal Support Doesn'T Always Help

Fallout 76 Proves Loyal Support Doesn’t Always Help

 |  Jacob Bukacek
Gaming would be nothing without its fans. Fans are what keep the business running. It’s fans who support a series or studio in its infancy, and it’s fans that keep them alive through dedicated financial support and enthusiastic endorsements. This unwavering support is usually a boon to game makers, but not always. Sometimes support can […]
Fallout 76 (Ps4) Review 5

Fallout 76 (PS4) Review

 |  Preston Dozsa
Fallout 76 is a tale of two games. One features the vast open world that has become the hallmark of Bethesda Game Studios, filled with sights to see and things to do. The other is a multiplayer game that tasks you with working together with your friends and strangers to survive, thrive, and die in […]

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