Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Announced, and Everything From the 25th Anniversary Livestream

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Announced, and Everything From the Anniversary Livestream

Tonight Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second instalment of the Final Fantasy VII Remake project, as well as Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion, a remake of the PlayStation Portable prequel.

A 10-minute livestream to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII became a feast of updates on related titles, both new and old. Final Fantasy Series Brand Manager and Executive Producer Yoshinori Kitase introduced the world’s first looks at an exciting slate of upcoming titles.

The star of the show was, of course, the debut trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the follow-up to 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake. Kitase confirmed that the reimagining project will consist of three games, with Rebirth being the middle installment of the trilogy. In a snippet of in-game footage, we see Cloud walking to the Nibelheim Reactor with Sephiroth, from the original game’s flashback sequence, before shifting to a cinematic of Cloud and Zack’s arrival at Midgar years later. Meanwhile, snippets of narration from Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and Zack harken back to the original game’s dialog to make us question how the new story will unfold, following the unexpected conclusion of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is being designed so that people can enjoy this game whether they know the original game or not,” said Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura in a press statement. “Cloud and his friends embark on a new journey in this game, and I believe that the scenes that they witness after leaving Midgar will give players a fresh, new experience. I can’t wait to share the intention behind naming the first title, ‘REMAKE,’ and the second title, ‘REBIRTH.’ In time, I hope to reveal what the third title will be called, and where this journey will ultimately lead.

“The development of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has been progressing rapidly since we adopted a new development structure,” Nomura went on. “A title of this scale in which everything is interconnected even before production began is truly rare. In fact, some development has already begun on the third title.”

We’ll have to wait until winter 2023 for the launch of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on the PlayStation 5 to see how it all shakes out. For those who haven’t yet played Remake Intergrade, the Game of the Year contender is arriving on Steam tomorrow, verified for compatibility on the Steam Deck. This comes six months after its PC debut on Epic.

However, this winter fans can tide themselves over with Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion, a remaster of the PlayStation Portable prequel. Focused on Zack Fair, Cloud’s mentor and prior wielder of his Buster Sword, Crisis Core expanded upon the original game’s lore by introducing Sephiroth’s peers in the SOLDIER program, Angeal and Genesis, and showing the true events that shaped Cloud’s path.

Details are scant at this time, but Reunion appears to build upon the Final Fantasy VII Remake engine while also incorporating the slot machine-like Digital Mindwave System from the PSP original. Furthermore, the original voice cast is returning, or their dialogue is being recycled—Zack was voiced by Rick Gomez in most appearances, but was recast for the remake like the rest of the cast, with Caleb Pierce taking up the role.

Embrace your dreams and protect your honour as SOLDIER when Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion arrives this winter on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, and PC.

Fans can also relive Zack’s story in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, the upcoming mobile title that seeks to retell the entirety of the Final Fantasy VII storyline in one consolidated engine. This title has been kept under wraps since its announcement last June, but a new trailer shows scenes from the original PSone Classic and Crisis Core in more depth.

Story and exploration will take place in a stylized, chibi-esque look reminiscent of Final Fantasy VII, with some scenes in the trailer directly evoking iconic perspectives from the 25-year-old masterpiece. However, battle sequences play out in turn-based battles with a more Final Fantasy VII Remake aesthetic. This extended look also showcases some of the alternate weapons and cosmetics players can equip to customize the iconic cast. The title is known to have a gacha element, but it remains to be seen how Square Enix will implement it.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is expected to launch later this year on iOS and Android, with a Closed Beta beforehand.

Coupled with the release of Final Fantasy XVI on PlayStation 5 next summer, the series’ future looks bright as its 35th birthday approaches. Square Enix will certainly be dripping more details out over the coming months, especially with playable characters like Vincent Valentine and Cid Highwind to reveal for the remake, and when all is said and done, this slate of titles may forever change the way we see Final Fantasy VII.

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