First Monster Hunter movie posters show live-action versions of The Hunter and Artemis

First Monster Hunter movie posters show live-action versions of The Hunter and Artemis

Two new movie posters for Monster Hunter are available to guests at PAX East, showing off the film’s star characters and an official release date for September 4.

Each poster also features actors Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa, both wielding weapons fans of Capcom’s action-RPG series can instantly recognize.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s story won’t drop audiences into the fantasy world right away. Jovovich plays Captain Artemis, the head of a “UN military team” teleported into the monster-infested realm. 

There, Artemis’ team finds the Hunter (played by Jaa) and follows the game’s formula of tracking big monsters to protect Earth.

Artemis’ poster shows her wielding the Giant Jawblade, which has been a series’ staple weapon and is a great sword made from the bones of dead monsters.

The series’ signature Hunter’s Bow is also making an appearance as Jaa is seen wielding it. Surprisingly, it also sports an identical look to the ones players can find upgradeable in Monster Hunter World.

Despite the movie adding some realism, W.S. Anderson told IGN in 2018 the character’s equipment and weapons are taken straight out of the games (down to Artemis’ Odogaron armor from World).
@millajovovich: “Captain Natalie Artemis. Ranger. Monster Hunter.
Just a little peek for all the @monsterhunterworld fans out there who were worried the other day.? Here is Captain Artemis wearing a “slinger” on her arm. I will also post a pic at some point of some of the incredible MH weapons we’ve recreated for the film.?? #monsterhuntermovie #monsterhunterworld #tankwadiary

Past set photos from Jovovich’s Instagram also revealed earlier parts of the movie would show Artemis with Alpha Team.
@millajovovich: “Happy Halloween from Alpha Team, not in costume this year but in UNIFORM! We didn’t get to go trick or treating but it’s a real treat to work with these incredible people on #monsterhuntermovie @meagangood @diego @iammcjin”

It could also possibly nod to a fun secret Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker game mode once they encounter their first monster.

You can check out the full posters for Monster Hunter below and see the movie in theaters on September 4, 2020.×3008/920×0/filters:focal(0x0:2027×3008):format(webp):no_upscale()/
Image courtesy of IGN & Sony Pictures×3008/920×0/filters:focal(0x0:2027×3008):format(webp):no_upscale()/
Image courtesy of IGN & Sony Pictures
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