First Xbox Series X Gameplay Footage Teases What Next-Gen Platform Has In-store

First Xbox Series X Gameplay Footage Teases What Next-Gen Platform Has In-store 1

The first Xbox Series X game play footage debuted from the homes of developers in Microsoft’s latest Inside Xbox stream.

Microsoft took to the internet earlier today to finally give Xbox fans a taste at next-gen with a quick first look at some currently-in-development titles that will launch alongside the Xbox Series X. It should be noted that most, if not all of the titles shown off will also be available on Windows and other platforms but Microsoft has ensured that the games shown off will have specific Xbox Series X enhancements.

Playism’s first-person shooter Bright Memory: Infinite showed off cyber ninja action with next generation weather effects.

Taking notes from Titanfall and Far Cry, the demo from Xbox’s first Series X gameplay reveal was shown with in-engine footage. First-person shooter mechanics were combined with fast-paced medieval combat against both medieval and modern enemies in what looks like a time-travelling experience. Developed by one person, the game is also being included as a free next-gen upgrade for those purchasing it on the Xbox One.

First up, Dirt 5 made its debut from Ebb software and showcased the familiar mud-caked series in a brand new light, with real-time ray tracing and high framerates. The title seems to focus on giving players a global suite of maps to play on that feel more urban than some of the more outback environments the series is best known for.

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First-person horror shooter Scorn also saw a next-generation trailer, showing a mix of gothic-horror environments rendered with chunky gore. The Series X is also set to add some improvements to the existing game.

Madden 21 is also confirmed to launch on the Xbox Series X with an update to visuals and core gameplay. It’s also EA’s first steps to creating content for the system while giving the football series an annual installment.

Deep Silver and Fishlab Productions announced Chorus, an over-the-top arcadey space-flight game that seems to feature a strong narrative focus, wrapped up in a slick, modern-looking package.

Out of the Blue and Raw Fury debuted Call of the Sea, an adventure game set in the 1930s. The game will have players explore a mysterious island as a woman looking for someone named Harry. The game seems to go for a cartoon-like aesthetic similar to titles such as Bioshock with hints of Sea of Thieves and other first-person exploration-based titles.

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A new trailer showed for first-person vampire game Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 and painted a bloody picture for a new protagonist. Bright city environments were contrasted by their cunning denizens, who danced along to a deadly jingle. The game also builds on the powers system introduced in its predecessor, giving players telekinesis and enhanced speed from draining enemies and NPCs.

Neon Giant and Curve Digital took the opportunity to showcase their cyberpunk-inspired game, The Ascent. The title features detailed futuristic environments but with gameplay reminiscent of topdown shooters such as Ruiner and Helldivers.

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Survival-horror title Medium received its own debut trailer, showing off a variety of hallucinations that take place over desolated environments. Players control Maryanne, a lone female character trapped in a cycle of deadly visions and Leaves scattered across a bleak environment while its score is composed by veterans from the Silent Hill series. The Xbox Series X also gives the game an ability to switch between different worlds in real-time, adding extra surprises as the game’s protagonist questions reality.

In its developer interview, Medium makes players question the line between being human and a monster. Driven to baser instincts, Maryanne fight creatures and tormented figures from the inner machinations of PTSD. Developed by Bloober Team, the indie studio are exercising their experience from 2019’s Blair Witch and Observer while adding combat with its gothic atmosphere.

Anime fans can look forward to a brand new title from Bandai Namco called Scarlet Nexus. The game looks similar to Code Vein mixed in with elements of Shin Megami Tensei and even the film, Ghost in the Shell.

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Long-time fighting RPG series Yakuza is getting its latest installment on the Xbox Series X. Called Like A Dragon, it’s a full-fledged game starring a new member of a Japanese crime family. Every punch and kick flashed with bright energy, suggesting Yakuza is focusing on other supernatural aspects as they have in additional story content before. The game also features advanced lighting and realistic motion capture techniques to bring an expanded open world to life.

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New details for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla were also shown in the live stream, with the main character Eivor raiding different Nordic territories with a Viking fleet.

According to Creative Director Ashraf Ismail, the combat is tweaked for deadlier visuals while its original trailer suggested decapitations are being rendered to gritty next-generation effects.

“This was an absolutely brutal, pivotal moment in history that gave us the birth of the England we know today,” Ismail said. “Players can expect to fully live the viking fantasy in a meticulously-crafted journey in an Assassin’s Creed world.”

Weather elements are also doubled-down in the Series X, showing a moving environment in every corner of its open world. Ismail also confirmed Valhalla will have its Smart Delivery feature and lets Xbox One version owners upgrade to the Series X counterpart for free.

The Xbox Series X is set for release on Holiday 2020 with several of the games becoming launch titles. Current generation versions on some games also support its Smart Delivery system for free Series X upgrades.

You can watch the whole Inside Xbox Live stream below:

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