Game Informer Editor-In-Chief Andy McNamara Leaves After 29 Years

Game Informer Editor-In-Chief Andy McNamara Leaves After 29 Years 1

Game Informer Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara announced his retirement from journalism, after almost three decades of covering the game industry as it grew into a multi-billion dollar medium.

McNamara was one of the original staff working at the monthly magazine when its first issue launched, under its mission to inform the public on a growing world of video games. It would also evolve through its in-depth commentary, online news and reviews which represent communities worldwide.

According to GamesIndustry, the publication was sold as a bi-monthly magazine for over 60,000 subscribers while Gamestop COO Frank Hamlin credited McNamara for bringing the industry together with information.

“While we wish Andy much success in his new endeavors, he will be missed,” Hamlin said.

In his final Letter From the Editor, McNamara told readers he was 19 years old when Game Informer took its first steps into the journalism business. After 327 issues, he would be putting the editor’s cap down for another role in the video game industry.

“I’ve had the time of my life here,” McNamara wrote, adding he had been through highs and lows to build Game Informer into “the best we could make it.”

“Things were not always easy; we had a long road to success with plenty of challenges, but I was always proud of the Game Informer team spirit that could fight through anything,” he wrote.

He thanked the countless staff, contributors, interns and readers who followed Game Informer as it grew before announcing the beginning of something else in the industry he followed closely. Instead of observing it, McNamara would instead become a part of it starting in 2020.

“To the fans of Game Informer, there is no way for me to convey the depth of my gratitude for your support. From print and online to our shows and podcasts, you have always been the reason we do what we do. You are all part of the Game Informer family. The team here is so talented, you will barely notice my absence. Please support them in all they do. It is just time for me to try something new.”

Andy McNamara, Editor-in-Chief at Game Informer

McNamara will be succeeded by Executive Editor Andrew Reiner, who would continue to oversee all stories done by Game Informer.

On behalf of CGMagazine, we wish Andy the best in the next step of his career with video games. We celebrate his contributions across three decades and over eight generations of consoles while setting a journalistic foundation for other publications to follow.

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