Get Ready For A Corpse Party On 3DS

Get Ready For A Corpse Party On 3DS

Nintendo has long been known for its Mario parties, but it will soon be host to a party with terror and copious amounts of blood.

Corpse Party, the long-running, cult survival horror franchise focuses on helping a group of high school students escape from a haunted elementary school.  While mainly released on the Sony handhelds (with one exception on the 3DS in Europe). However, a recent ESRB post shows that the newest iteration of the game will find it’s way to localization on the 3DS.

This will be a welcome addition to the 3DS’ solid library as a survival-horror game featuring a 16-bit aesthetic, RPG and action elements, and, as written in the ratings summary ” Some interactions can lead to sequences that depict acts of violence: a character repeatedly stabbed with a pair of scissors; a character stabbed with a knife. Violence is also described in the text (e.g., “The third victim was stabbed in the left eye an indeterminate number of times”; “Buckets of blood spilled out from my head. I’m sure it was hell to clean up later…”). Blood is frequently depicted near corpses and when characters are injured.”

The ratings summary goes on to describe the game’s more R-rated themes, saying “the game includes some suggestive references in the dialogue (e.g., “Big t*ts does it for you, eh”; “If you don’t, I’ll email you a beautiful crotch shot—so watch out; “He grabbed me and forced me down, then began unbuttoning my blouse…”). In one scene, bathing characters are depicted with soap bubbles covering their chests and genitals. The words “f**k” and “a*shole” appear in dialogue.”

As a long lover of the survival horror genre, and as a vocal proponent of seeing Nintendo break out of their comfort zone and provide more “mature” content on their platforms, I am incredibly excited for this weird and scary game.

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