God of War Ragnarok Review Roundup: An Excellent 5th Entry

god of war ragnarok review roundup an excellent 5th entry 073157

The fifth entry of the God of War franchise, God of War Ragnarok is finally here, and the public/critical reception has been stellar so far.

The gates of Asgard have finally creaked open, it is officially God of War Ragnarok release day, and saying fans are excited to get back into Kratos’ shoes/sandals would be an understatement. Metacritic reports ‘universal acclaim’ with a staggering 94, from 126 critic reviews on the latest entry.

God Of War Ragnarok Review Roundup: An Excellent 5Th Entry

With such universal approval for the title, here are some of what fans are saying on Twitter:

Community Manager and Co-Lead Accessibility of Destiny 2, Liana Ruppert says “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but God of War: Ragnarok… that is all.”

Jason Schreier of Bloomberg says “God of War Ragnarok: it’s real good! I’m maybe ten hours in? The combat feels great, the story has me hooked, and Richard Schiff as Odin steals every damn scene. He even gets a legit Toby Ziegler walk-and-talk that made me die laughing.”

And of course, some have compared it to the other GOTY elephant in the room, Elden Ring, with Twitter user @YongYea saying “I genuinely can’t pick between God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring for GOTY, I loved and was captivated by both for different reasons. Regardless of which game wins, the players win. What a gift for the world to have studios and devs as talented as Santa Monica and FromSoftware,” showing the prowess of the contenders.

God Of War Ragnarok Review Roundup: An Excellent 5Th Entry

CGMagazine’s review of the eclectic title says “God of War Ragnarök is an absolute monument to the action-adventure genre and weaves a beautiful story that spans entire worlds,” with a rating of 9.5/10.

Other notable publication reviews have also laid out the red carpet for Kratos, with Hardcore Gamer saying “God of War Ragnarök successfully takes the foundation of God of War (2018) and makes various refinements to improve the experience. The story is bigger, bolder and filled with engrossing twists and narrative moments, yet never forgets its characters and their personal stories. Visiting the nine realms is fantastic, though the quality of each varies greatly.”

IGN has also chimed in with “An enthralling spectacle to behold and an even more exciting one to take the reins of, God of War Ragnarok melds action and adventure together to create a new, unforgettable Norse saga. Impeccable writing, pitch-perfect performances, knockout action – it’s a complete work of art from top to bottom,” giving the title a perfect 10/10.

With all the acclaim God of War Ragnarok is receiving, it’s certain we will see a clash of the GOTY titans at this years Game Awards which will take place Thursday, December 8.

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