God Particle is the Third Film in the Cloverfield Franchise

God Particle is the Third Film in the Cloverfield Franchise

Hollywood has had a notable addiction to sequels lately, and it seems that there is no structure more coveted than that of the trilogy. Despite not really needing a third film, studio executives seem fixed in their desire for three films that don’t really do anything exciting or different movie to movie. Hopefully, J.J. Abrams’ 3rd film in the series that began with Cloverfield, titled God Particle, will be more interesting.

Previously, we saw John Goodman being cryptic and creepy in 10 Cloverfield Lane, which ended up being tied to the initial monster movie, though it told a different story from a very different perspective. It looks like God Particle will approach it’s cinematic forefathers similarly, taking place in a shared universe but this time following a team of intrepid astronauts as they discover something pretty concerning and then dealing with their altered reality. There is no confirmation, but it sounds like a prequel to me (Another favourite Hollywood past time)

It doesn’t look like this will be the end of Abrams’ Clover-verse either. Paramount Pictures, partners with Abrams and Bad Robot, his production house, have a lot of faith in this project and it is hinted that future iterations in this universe may become an annual occurrence.

If there is one unifying theme present in both Cloverfield and  10 Cloverfield Lane, it has to be the marketing campaign. Both films relied on insanely cryptic trailers to build an air of mystery and suspense before movie-goers even stepped foot in the theatre. I don’t see any reason that God Particle will be any different. No trailers have come out to show this film off yet, but I would bet that they’ll be pretty apparent  during the coming holiday season. God Particle is tentatively planned for release in late February of next year.

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