Heroes of the Storm: Meet Nexomania’s Luchihuahua Voice Actor

Heroes of the Storm: Meet Nexomania's Luchihuahua Voice Actor 1

One week into the epic Heroes of the Storm Nexomania event, and players finally get to meet the voice actor behind Luchihuahua. With excited barks and a wagging tail, Ellie’s voice acting performance makes her the top dog.

The short video features Ellie happily barking at a pink toy, all the while being recorded. Garrosh Hellscream, with his El Jefe skin, appears with the Luchihuahua mount just as the barks are heard. This continues as the orc warrior travels around in the Heroes of the Storm Nexus with Luchihuahua.

Ellie is 25 per cent Chihuahua, according to DNA results from Wisdom Panel, a company that focuses on canine genetics. Wisdom Panel has tested over 850,000 dogs, and have a comprehensive breed database along with a sophisticated algorithm and a set of markers that are thoroughly placed.

The company also uses customized chips that are processed and analyzed at an animal genomics testing facility. GeneSeek Laboratories creates the Illumina Infinium chips for Wisdom Panel, where dogs like Ellie can get their DNA tested accurately.

Felipe de Mello, a sound designer for Heroes of the Storm and Blizzard Entertainment, is the proud owner of Ellie.

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