Heroes of the Storm: Get Ready to Rumble with Nexomania

Heroes of the Storm: Get Ready to Rumble with Nexomania

Heroes of the Storm‘s Nexomania event begins next week, and players will step into the ring decked out in new skins, mounts, portraits, sprays and quests.

Beginning May 22, heroes like Garrosh, Diablo, Lunara, Sonya, E.T.C. and Kharazim will get fierce, new looks as they square off in battle.  

Former Warchief of the Horde, Garrosh, will receive Legendary skins in Nexomania like El Jefe, El Fuego and Underworld Jefe. In Heroes of the Storm, he will charge into the front of a team fight, tanking it up with his new skins that will feature a decorated chair in the name of the Horde. Prior to this event, Garrosh only wielded Gorehowl, a legendary weapon that once belonged to his father, Grommash Hellscream. Equipped with a chair and the deadly Wrecking Ball ability and Into the Fray talent, he will be ready to play both defensively and offensively with style. 

Meanwhile, the Lord of Terror will be decked out in the Epic El Chamuco, Hell’s Screamer and Underworld Chamuco skins. He will beckon the crowd, eliciting cheers and feverish cries for mercy as he relentlessly tears through his enemies. Focused and more deadly than ever with Fire Stomp, Diablo will be a force with which to be reckoned. 

On the other side of the ring will be the First Daughter of Cenarius. She will mock players with her haunting, maddening, laugh that echoes within their souls as they desperately run to either a Healing Fountain or Regeneration Globe — only to die trying. Lunara will get three new skins, which will include her Los Muertos one featured in the Nexomania trailer. 

In an epic grudge match against Lunara will be none other than Sonya. The Nephalem representing the Barbarian class from Diablo will jump into battle with a roar and face her enemies in a cage match, thanks to her new skins.

Rocking it out in the spotlight will be E.T.C. and his Mariachi skins, while the crowd cheers for challenger Kharazim showing off his Champion, Dropkick and Dropdead skins.

The crowd will also cheer loudly for Luchihuahua, who has returned to steal hearts and help players rush into battle. About a week ago, Blizzard tweeted out a teaser for the puppy without context on their Heroes of the Storm page. It has now been revealed as a new Legendary mount. Getting ready to rumble alongside Luchihuahua are Pigñata and the Great Razorgrin.

Meanwhile, the new Nexomania portraits will be worth fighting for, too. Among many new ones, there will be Los Muertos Lunara, the lovable Luchihuahua, El Jefe Garrosh and even Jaina masked and ready for battle.

As for the Nexomania sprays, they will go with the Los Muertos theme. Overwatch characters like Tracer, Zarya and Junkrat will be featured, while characters from Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft like Kerrigan, Blaze, Leoric, Illidan and Thrall will also get cool sprays.

If this isn’t enough — exciting, new quests will be given out during the Heroes of the Storm Nexomania event. Lunara and Sonya are scheduled for their legendary grudge match, and players will get to pick a side. Choose carefully — each side will offer different seasonal rewards. However, rewards from both questlines will be obtainable in Loot Chests in next year’s summer event. Both questlines will require players to complete challenges in Versus A.I., Quick Match, Unranked or Ranked games. The rewards will be fiery Heroes of the Storm portraits, epic sprays and the new El Guapo announcer.

The bell has rung, but it isn’t the Divine Bell this time for Garrosh. Join him, as well as Diablo, Lunara, Sonya and many more of Blizzard’s heroes in the smackdown of the summer before it ends on June 11!

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