HTC Vive To Be Released in April 2016

| December 8, 2015
HTC Vive To Be Released in April 2016 1

HTC has decided to clear up some speculation about the release of the HTC Vive, the first Steam VR device. In a blog post they outlined what the future plans for the Vive are and what people should expect for a release.

The HTC Vice will be launching on April 2016, and there will also be a new developer kit launching this January. HTC will be making another 7,000 units available for developers to expand the software library before launch. The new developer edition of the hardware will be launching at GDC, where they will also be showing off more of the improvements of the tech.

With no killer app ready for the hardware, a move like this is not surprising. For VR to take off there needs to be a software library people will want to play. This move gives more time for developers to polish some release titles and ensure people will enjoy the hardware out of the box.

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