Humble GameMaker Bundle Offers $15 For Nearly $2,000 In Game Development Tools

Humble GameMaker Bundle Offers  $15 For Nearly $2,000 In Game Development Tools 1

YoYo Games’s GameMaker: Studio software suite is a powerful little development tool. It’s the engine behind such hits as Sukeban Games’s VA-11 Hall-A and Heart Machine Games’ Hyper Light Drifter. It’s also known for being incredibly approachable, with dozens of tutorials freely available online to check out. But it can also be a tad expensive. A copy of GameMaker: Studio Pro starts at $149.99 on the official YoYo Games website, with added export modules clocking in at anywhere from $99.99 to $299.99. Despite how user friendly GameMaker is, it can take a toll on a developer’s wallet. But that’s where Humble Bundle comes in.

Called the Humble GameMaker Bundle, this week’s bundle is entirely dedicated to YoYo Games’s GamerMaker: Studio. The starting tier features GameMaker: Studio Pro at a pay-what-you-want rate for $1 or more. Meaning, for a dollar, you can access a professional tool kit that normally costs $149: As well as such GameMaker titles as Uncanny Valley and INK.

But the $1 tier is just the start of this week’s deal. Alongside the professional edition, the Humble GameMaker Bundle’s $15 tier includes the Android export module, iOS export module, HTML5 export module, and 12 games developed in GameMaker. Oh, and the source code for multiple GameMaker games, too. According to the official Humble Bundle page, the $15 bundle represents $1,885 worth in GameMaker games, tools, and materials. Meaning the bundle saves you $1,870. Oh, and you get to donate a percentage of your payment to Doctors Without Borders, too. Pretty incredible.

In a press release by YoYo Games’s Shaun Spalding, Spalding states that the collection represents “the biggest pay-what-you-want offer of GameMaker software, hit indie games and original game source code that we’ve ever put together.” It’s a pretty generous offering, even for Humble Bundle.

Of course, Humble Bundle has a long history of cranking out awesome deals that loosen up on players’ wallets. Back in May, the Humble Store’s Sega Bundle cut down retail prices on hit titles by up to 85%. And the ongoing Sierra Bundle features games from Sierra’s early days to its most recent offerings, with tiers ranging from $1 to $20.

Be warned, though. The Humble GameMaker Bundle won’t last forever. By September 20th, the bundle will be replaced with a new one. So if you’re itching for nearly $2,000 in professional game development tools, now’s the time to lay down the $15 and make a purchase.

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