IKEA leaving no cosplayer behind

| Mar 10, 2014
IKEA leaving no cosplayer behind 1

A recent video from IKEA Singapore’s Youtube channel highlights a young man named Frank, and his quest for more space to store his massive cosplay collection.

Frank,”a civil servant by day, and a cosplayer by night,” as the video states, lives in Singapore, and as you may have guessed, loves to create costumes based off of his favourite video game and movie characters.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEBLfkYY83A”]

From Shugo Chara’s Ikuto Tsukiyomi, to Sebastian Michaelis from the popular Kuroshitsuji anime series, Frank has donned several personas in a wide variety of cosplay shows and contests. He even dressed up as 2.3 m tall robot at the 2012 World Cosplay Summit.

As the video continues, we witness his bedroom undergo several significant changes, allowing him to push his ideas to another level, and not to mention, allow him to simply store his incredible creations for future uses.

The video however extends beyond the PAX wardrobes and SKUBB boxes that store his cosplay shoes, which the video eventually advertises. It brings to light the incredible community cosplaying has developed, and the fact that IKEA is using this angle to sell its products, shows how popular this hobby – which for many is a serious passion – has become.

Even in the city of Toronto, the power of cosplay touches so many different facets of our community. We have the X-Men of Toronto, a non-profit organization made up of people with everyday jobs, that help out charities across the city. We also have the Toronto Batman, and even the web – slinger makes his presence felt in our city, who you can often catch riding the subway.

It’s nice to see Frank get the extra space in his room, but it’s even more heartwarming knowing the cosplay community is no longer looked upon as simply a bunch of basement dwellers slapping together a few pieces of cardboard.

Take a look at Frank’s vast collection of cosplay work on his Facebook page

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