Every New Title Shown Off During E3’s Indie Game Showcase

| Jun 14, 2021
Every Title Shown Off During E3's Indie Games Showcase

Day three of E3 2021 shared a fresh look at a batch of exciting indie games, from grand 4x strategy games to an adorable cat platformer.

The Indie Games Showcase was definitely one of the most diverse presentations at E3, mostly because of the wide array of genres and game types the titles hit.

The first thing shown off was LifeSlide, a gorgeous flight game that puts players in control of a paper airplane. CGM got to review the game ahead of time, see what our reviewer thought here. While flying through environments filled with nature, you’ll need to evade different creatures and obstacles. LifeSlide launches on August 6, 2021, for PC.

The next segment saw Hooded Horse show off three different epic strategy titles, all based around spaceship exploration and warfare. Frontier Falling is a more traditional RTS, Alliance of the Sacred Suns increases the strategy to 4x, and finally, Terra Invicta is a grand strategy game that has players exploring the galaxy. Check out our Terra Invicta preview that launched today.

The next title was easily the most unique of the entire show, with a crime noir FPS called Fallen Aces. The game has a fantastic 2D comic book style that really adds a unique flair to all the shooting and brawling.

Following up on that was Larcenauts by Impulse Gear, a brand-new hero shooter that has two teams struggling for control of a small drone.

Toy Soldiers HD brings an updated version of the original game to modern consoles, but also adds in a lot of extras. Every piece of DLC is included as well as brand-new levels not featured in the original game. Toy Soldiers HD launches in August 2021 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

One of the weirder announcements was Moo Lander, a colourful 2D game that has players controlling both a small UFO and mutant cows, and there’s even four-player multiplayer. Moo Lander is targeting a Spring 2022 release date.

Bio-Instersteller Bark is a four-player side-scrolling shoot ’em up with a colourful art style. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch and PC, but doesn’t currently have a release date.

With the show winding down there were a few more titles to show off, like Tunguska: The Visitation, a moody twin-stick shooter that has players sneaking through the Exclusion Zone. A tense atmosphere and host of survival elements look like it’ll make Tunguska a tense experience.


Neko Ghost Jump is an absolutely adorable platformer that has the unique feature of letting players switch between a 2D and 3D view. Another unique feature of switching to a kind of ghost form for combat makes Neko Ghost Jump look incredibly unique.

The final title shown off in the Indie Games Showcase was Extragalactica, a 2D pixel art title that has players protecting the world from an alien menace, while also fighting for their “right to play football.”

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