Indivisible Adds New Game Plus And Couch Co-Op

Indivisible Adds New Game Plus And Couch Co-Op

Lab Zero Games and publisher 505 Games will be releasing a free update for Indivisible on April 2nd on all platforms, adding the “New Game+” and “Couch Co-Op” game modes.

New Game+ will let you replay Indivisible with abilities, weapons, and incarnations from your previously completed game. Every party member and exploration tool you picked up will be with you right away, and you’ll even gain access to a new pallette for Ajna based on something from the game’s ending. Enemies will be tougher, and that may not be all that’s different. The New Game+ button should appear on your completed save file, but you may need to replay the final sequence if it doesn’t. A bonus track has also been added to the end credits by Indivisible composer Hiroki Kikuta. It’s a preview of the OST PLUS album that is being released by Scarlet Moon Records on April 21st.

However, the more interesting feature here is arguably couch co-op. This allows you to play Indivisible with up to three additional local players. It’s a drop-in mode accessed simply by plugging in extra controllers and pressing a button outside of combat. Your friends will be able to run alongside Ajna (always Player 1) and use basic jumps to follow along. Extra players don’t have Ajna’s advanced skills, but when they fall behind, they’ll be able to instantly teleport to Ajna’s position. Once a fight starts, each player is in control of their incarnation and all of their attacks, so you can take your mind off of controlling four complex fighters at once – and shift it to coordinating your attacks with your buddies.

Indivisible is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam, and you can check out our review of it here. These brand new ways to play are greatly appreciated during quarantine time, and the co-op gives me warm memories of Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Subspace Emissary mode. Even if you can’t play with people in your home, free services like Parsec and Steam’s own Remote Play Together will let your pals jump in. I’m happy to see this massive update drop out of the blue, and I’m looking forward to Indivisible’s continued support.

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