Kellogg’s Support Halo Infinite As Tech Previews Are Near

Kellogg’s is Supporting Halo Infinite as Tech Previews Are Near

Kellogg’s is teaming up with Halo Infinite for multiplayer gamers by offering Double XP boost.

If you’re one of the lucky gamers out there who are going to be testing Halo Infinite’s Arena and Big Team Battle (BTB) maps these next two weekends, you may want to do a little grocery run prior.

From now until January 31, players can earn Double XP in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer by redeeming receipts from select Kellogg’s products: Cheez-It Grooves, Pop Tarts, Pringles and Bear Naked. It’s really simple too! It’s just a matter of snapping a photo of your receipt, uploading it to the Kellogg’s Family Rewards website, and then you’ll receive a code for Double XP.

“With the return of one of gaming’s most iconic franchises, we wanted to make sure fans were well-supplied for all their late-night battles,” explained Kellogg’s Senior Director, Integrated Promotions & Partnerships, Zion Doran. “It’s time to go fight, Spartans, so grab a box of Cheez-It Grooves or Pop-Tarts, a can of Pringles, or a bag of Bear Naked granola with your Battle Rifles, and we’ll see you online.”

Kellogg’s Support Halo Infinite As Tech Previews Are Near
Kellogg’s Double XP

Kellogg’s is excited and quite aware of the gamer lifestyle, especially the multiplayer grind lifestyle. I think anyone who is up through the late-night/early-morning hours can attest to having the munchies and trying to their energy up to stay in the game longer as best they can.

What’s great about this opportunity is that it’s open in time for all players invited to the upcoming tech previews starting this Thursday evening, September 23 (multiplayer matchmaking begins Friday, September 24). These players should take the early advantage of getting their customisable features for their Spartan loadout with this Double XP boost.

The faster you get the skins and other customisable aesthetics, the faster you can flex on all your friends! But flex it in a nice way, who knows when they’ll join the Arena or BTB.

343 Industries Unveils Plans For First Halo Infinite Tech Preview
Kellogg’s Double XP

This offer from Kellogg’s is great for players who may not have had the opportunity to sign-up for the tech previews as well. Halo Infinite launches on December 8 and the Double XP promotion runs until the end of 2021. This is an awesome chance for new players to catch up on all the action and for retuning players to continue the grind.

Go out there, grab your snackies, redeem those codes and get your head in the game.

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