LEGO City Undercover Get a Trailer and Release Date

| February 23, 2017
LEGO City Undercover Get a Trailer and Release Date 1

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and TT Games has revealed their newest trailer for LEGO City Undercover today, along with the official release date.

The open-world, comedic, sandbox style LEGO adventure, LEGO City Undercover re-release (which has been retitled LEGO City Undercover: Disguises) is set to come out on April. 4, 2017. The re-release will take players back to LEGO City as super-cop Chase McCain as he uses a series of clever and unique disguises (that give him special abilities) to take down the baddies and escaped criminal, Rex Fury.

Along with the disguises, fans will finally be able to play with their friends and family as LEGO City Undercover: Disguises now has a two-person co-op mode. It appears from the trailer that the co-op will have the same scaling split-screen used in all the modern LEGO games. Best of all, fans won’t have to shell out more cash as LEGO City Undercover: Disguises won’t just be available on the Nintendo Switch. The game will be coming to PC, PlayStaion 4 and Xbox One.

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New fans of LEGO City Undercover: Disguises will be jumped into LEGO’s hilarious storytelling and witty humour, be able to explore and investigate over 20 unique districts and play a reverse style Grand Theft Auto with the player as the cop. Fans will also be able to uncover hundreds of collectables and pilot various vehicles and aircraft.

The original LEGO City Undercover was initially released on March. 18, 2013 and was only available for the Nintendo Wii U. Unlike other LEGO games published by Travellers’ Tales (which were based on other licenses) LEGO City Undercover is under the LEGO City brand and was the very first LEGO game to be published by Nintendo. It was also the first LEGO game to first released on the Nintendo Wii U.

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