Limited edition Lara Croft Xbox controller unveiled

| Feb 20, 2013
Limited edition Lara Croft Xbox controller unveiled

To go along with all the Tomb Raider craze, Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics have unveiled a limited edition Lara Croft themed Xbox 360 controller available in March. 

Crystal Dynamics contributed to the design that features a bright red finish and a battered look complete with scratches, dirty finger prints and a few gouges here and there. Also fastened around the left side of the controller is Lara’s gritty bandage, seen tied around her arm. A ‘transforming’ D-Pad will also be included, that allows users to change the pad from ‘plus format’ to disc format. 

 The controller definitely has that adventure worn look retailing for $59.99 USD, and will also come with an exclusive DLC character known as the Scavenger Archer. 

Package Raider

Is this Lara Croft inspired controller worthy of sitting in your hands? Let us know in the comments below.

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