Hollywood-Produced Live Action One Piece TV Series Announced

Hollywood-Produced Live Action One Piece TV Series Announced 1

One Piece will be getting a live action Hollywood adaptation in the form of a new TV series.

According to Yahoo! Japan, the news broke during the official One Piece Tokyo Tower event that Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga would be getting a live-action adaptation. The event was held on July 21 2017 in honour of One Piece’s 20th anniversary. The One Piece manga first made it’s debut all the back in July 1997 within the pages of the popular publication Shounen Jump.

Hollywood Produced Live Action One Piece Tv Series Announced

Hiroyuki Nakano, editor-in-chief of publisher Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Anthology broke the news that One Piece will be getting an American TV show adaption.

Further details surrounding the live Action One Piece series are rather scarce, however it was confirmed that the live action One Piece series will be handled by Studio Tomorrow, which interestingly enough is where the live action Cowboy Bebop movie is being worked on by Marty Adelstein. Adelstein has worked on Fox’s popular Prison Break series, which in itself just got a brand new season that aired earlier in April of 2017.

During the Tokyo Tower One Piece event, Oda stated:

“There have been talks of making a live-action One Piece movie many times over the past 20 years, and we began seriously perusing the idea three years ago. There were many twists and turns along the way, but we’ve found a good partner, coincidentally just as the manga’s 20th anniversary comes. I am very happy.”

The renowned author went on to state that as long as the live action One Piece adaptation is true to what the fans want and as long as it doesn’t betray them, he approves of it.

Adelstein also went on to state that he has been a fan of One Piece for past 20 years. He also said that the new live action One Piece TV series will be the most expensive show ever produced.

No further details, such as release date, or where exactly the show will take place in the massive One Piece timeline have been announced at this time.

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