Live Nintendo Switch Gameplay Revealed on Jimmy Fallon

| Dec 8, 2016
Live Nintendo Switch Gameplay Revealed on Jimmy Fallon 1

American comedian Jimmy Fallon is evidently a huge Nintendo fan. A surprise segment on The Tonight Show starring Reggie Fils-Aimé and Shigeru Miyamoto revealed the Nintendo Switch’s live gameplay worldwide through a demo of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

During the segment, Fils-Aimé brought out the Nintendo Switch as Miyamoto watched from the audience. Clearly excited by the news, Fallon grew ecstatic at the idea of sampling the Switch. Fils-Aimé proceeded to bring up live gameplay of Breath of the Wild, demonstrating the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch’s graphical enhancements and brand new portable screen. Animations looked incredibly fluid on both devices, with large draw distances and no framerate drops present during an onscreen explosion showcased during the demo.

Fallon also demonstrated the kickstand involved, and Fils-Aimé confirmed that the mobile tablet holds all the necessary information within the Nintendo Switch for playing games away from home. “The machine is here [in the tablet]. Everything is here, the games are here, and you can play it on your TV, you can take it on the go,” he explained to Fallon.

Granted, Jimmy Fallon’s playthrough with the Nintendo Switch isn’t the first time that the console has been showcased to the public. There was the original Nintendo Switch unveiling from October, in which the console’s name and design were initially revealed to the public. However, Jimmy Fallon’s look at the Nintendo Switch is the first real-time look at the way the console functions, with performance recorded right in front of a studio audience. Fallon was able to demonstrate how the Nintendo Switch will function and give a more natural look at its weight and feel in an experienced player’s hands. More reveals are sure to come up in the weeks ahead, so make sure to check back during the course of December.

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