Nintendo NX Revealed as Nintendo Switch, Features Seamless On-the-Go Play

| October 20, 2016
Nintendo NX Revealed as Nintendo Switch, Features Seamless On-the-Go Play

Yesterday evening, Nintendo teased a Nintendo NX trailer that would appear worldwide at 10 am ET. Granted, the news shocked the gaming world and led to a $1 billion increase in Nintendo’s market value. Now, the Nintendo NX has been officially revealed, and it’s no longer called the NX. In today’s launch trailer, the official name was revealed as the “Nintendo Switch.”

The console is very small, essentially the size of a lunchbox, making it a great portable option for bringing from house to house. As many rumours reported, it’s a hybrid console. Players can connect the console to a TV or detach a portable screen and play wherever. Also, the controls themselves can be attached to a handheld screen, and they can be detached while playing on-the-go, essentially turning the Nintendo Switch’s portable screen setup into a little tablet.

The trailer shows various players coming together to use the Switch in different locations, from airplanes to roof parties, cars to eSports arenas. A new Mario titled was shown briefly. One short segment also showed a user playing a game that appears to be Skyrim, although it’s hard to say for certain due to the short amount of time the clip was shown on the screen. If it was, however, that would be a major sign from Nintendo that third-party publishers are interested in the console’s abilities.

There was also an eSports arena scene, in which a group of players came together to compete against one another in Splatoon. Whether a new Nintendo Switch edition of Splatoon is on its way or the console is backwards compatible, it’s hard to say. But Mario Kart 8 appeared to be showcased in the video, so the latter might be the case.

Nintendo Nx Revealed As Nintendo Switch, Features Seamless On-The-Go Play

As of yet, we still don’t know what the Nintendo Switch will cost. We do know it’s coming in March 2017, but we don’t have a particular date. A full roster of launch titles is also still on its way. Check back for more information as it develops. Now that the Nintendo Switch has been officially revealed, we’re likely to learn a lot more in the next couple weeks ahead.

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