Nintendo NX Trailer Reveal Surges Nintendo’s Value By Over $1 Billion

| October 20, 2016
Nintendo NX Trailer Reveal Surges Nintendo's Value By Over $1 Billion 1

Nintendo‘s major Nintendo NX reveal is coming this morning at 10 am ET. The announcement, of course, is a major shock for the entire gaming community: not just because the announcement trailed the US presidential debates, but because an NX reveal was not expected to come this week. Let alone so soon. Suffice to say, Nintendo demonstrated its sheer market power through the announcement alone. According to Bloomberg, the company’s teaser tweet sparked a 4.6 per cent share increase and added over $1 billion USD in Nintendo’s value.

Nintendo’s stock has been doing quite well throughout the year, of course, but the Nintendo NX marks an unprecedented leap in 2016 for company shares. The $1 billion price increase might rise, too, depending on what the Nintendo NX reveal entails throughout the next couple hours.

Nintendo needs the Nintendo NX to come out strong today. And in March, for that matter. If the Nintendo NX fails to succeed, that $1 billion USD market performance might decrease for future major Nintendo reveals. In other words, Nintendo has to hold its momentum now in order to continue to increase their value and shares on the market over the next couple years.

Citing analyst David Gibson, Bloomberg also expects the NX to “sell 2.5 million units in its first month and an additional 10.6 million units by March 2018.” Which would be quite necessary for Nintendo, with the NX seen as Nintendo’s saving grace within the console market.

Will the Nintendo NX fulfill fans’ desires for a strong Nintendo home console experience? Will it revolutionize the industry or struggle like the Wii U? We won’t know for certain any time soon, but today’s trailer will definitely give the gaming community more information to work with before the console hits store shelves in March. Stay tuned this morning as we eagerly await the upcoming Nintendo NX trailer!

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