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The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo to succeed the Wii. This console was released in November 2012 and was the first eighth-generation video game console competing with Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Super Mario Maker To Retire From Wii U March 31 3

Super Mario Maker to Retire From Wii U March 31

 |  Chris De Hoog
The original Super Mario Maker will soon lose online support and disappear from the Wii U’s eShop, ending five years of creative endeavours.
Zelda: Breath Of The Wild'S First Dlc Pack Is Now Available 1

Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s First DLC Pack is Now Available

 |  Michael Koczwara
The wait is finally over, the first of two DLC packs for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now available on both the Wii U and Switch!
Reggie Fils - Aime Confirms Wii U Ports For Switch

Reggie Fils-Aimé Confirms Wii U Game Ports For Nintendo Switch

 |  Remington Joseph
Switch owners who missed out on popular Wii U titles will be happy to know the games will likely be available on Switch in the future.
Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Will Make Its Way On The Wii U 2

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition Will Make its Way on the Wii U

 |  Tyler Jones
With Nintendo switching (no pun intended) all their attention to their newest console, it seems arbitrary that a news piece would surface about an upcoming Wii U game.
Nintendo 2016 Financial Report Shows Strong Numbers 1

Nintendo Showed Significant Financial Growth In 2016

 |  Ana Valens
A new year means new financial reports across the industry, and it seems Nintendo ([stock_quote symbol=”OTCMKTS:NTDOY” show=”symbol”]) had a particularly strong showing in 2016. According to a financial highlights and consolidated results report published on Jan 31, Nintendo saw 102,969 million yen in total profit over the past nine months.
Wii U Games You Need In Your Library 9

Wii U Games You Need in Your Library

 |  Cody Orme
Ever since the late Satoru Iwata announced the NX’s development way back in 2015, it was clear that we were in the twilight period of the Wii U.  Yet, even before that statement, Nintendo’s dual-screened home console struggled to gain any real footing with casual or hardcore gamers, leaving it without any real demographic. Still, […]
Nintendo'S Financial Briefing: What Does It Mean For The Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo’s Financial Briefing: What it Means for the Switch

 |  Casey DeFreitas
During Nintendo’s financial briefing, Nintendo CEO Tastumi Kimishima said the company plans to ship two million units of the just-revealed Nintendo Switch during its launch in March 2017. To put this in perspective, this is more than a million units less than the Wii U’s launch shipment of just over three million. Kimishima also noted Nintendo […]
Nintendo Switch Won'T Feature Physical Backwards Compatibility, Famitsu Reports

Nintendo Switch Won’t Feature Physical Backwards Compatibility, Famitsu Reports

 |  Ana Valens
Nintendo Switch was revealed earlier this week, and the gaming community has been eager to hear more news about the console’s upcoming features. Its worldwide unveiling, of course, features a hybrid on-the-go gaming tablet alongside a dedicated console with high-end graphics output. But current-generation Nintendo fans might be a tad disappointed with the Switch’s content […]
Nintendo Nx Trailer Reveal Surges Nintendo'S Value By Over $1 Billion

Nintendo NX Trailer Reveal Surges Nintendo’s Value By Over $1 Billion

 |  Ana Valens
Nintendo‘s major Nintendo NX reveal is coming this morning at 10 am ET. The announcement, of course, is a major shock for the entire gaming community: not just because the announcement trailed the US presidential debates, but because an NX reveal was not expected to come this week. Let alone so soon. Suffice to say, […]
Nintendo To Stop Selling Wii U Consoles In Uk By Oct 1St

Nintendo to Stop Selling Wii U Consoles in UK by Oct 1st

 |  Ana Valens
The Nintendo NX’s official release is approaching fast, with the console slated to be out on the market by March 2017. For the time being, the Wii U is still Nintendo’s flagship home console throughout the world. But acquiring a Wii U straight from Nintendo might become a bit more difficult in the next couple […]

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