New Lotus Eletre is an Innovative Fully Electric Hyper SUV With Sports Car DNA

New Lotus Eletre Is A Fully Electric SUV With Sports Car DNA

The first of three new Lotus lifestyle EVs, the Lotus Eletre, features a sleek exterior and a fully electric interior in the new Hyper-SUV lineup from the British car manufacturer.

Since the announcements from CES 2022, there have been many innovations made in the automotive industry. In the ongoing mission for Lotus to become a global phenomenon of a car manufacturer, the world’s first all-new all-electric SUV is quite an important milestone to eclipse. The vehicle was code-named ‘Type 132’ up to the announcement, and now excited consumers can call it by its official name, the Lotus Eletre.

New Lotus Eletre Is An Innovative Fully Electric Hyper Suv With Sports Car Dna

Lotus is a manufacturer known for their focus on sports cars, and that DNA is clearly shared in their new Eletre. It features the signature attention to detail the brand is known for, all the way down to the aerodynamics the company bleeds into all of its vehicles, including the sleek contours of the Lotus Emira. The Lotus Eletre stays on brand and features such contours but is far more than a stylish design.

Key Features of the Lotus Eletre

  • Full four-wheel-drive, with 600 horsepower
  • A battery capacity that’s over 100kWh, providing much usage on a ‘full tank.’
  • A 350kW charger delivers 248 miles of range in just 20 minutes, making it a faster charge than most wireless earbuds.
  • The world’s first deployable Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) system in a production car, speculatively leaning into a possible autonomous driving system like the other electric manufacturer Tesla.
New Lotus Eletre Is An Innovative Fully Electric Hyper Suv With Sports Car Dna

The Lotus Eletre also aims to broaden the grip Lotus has as a manufacturer in the global industry, strengthening their offerings for a more casual audience, as opposed to their former sports car builds. CEO of Lotus Group, Qingfeng Feng states “a new performance car from an iconic performance car brand and it will appeal to independent-minded and adventurous driving enthusiasts – those who love the thrill of driving. Drivers need to ensure they are driving carefully, still though – no one wants to have to deal with a car accident lawyer!

It is a unique combination of beautiful design, exceptional dynamic performance and everyday usability, for those who dare to look beyond the conventional, and marks a turning point for our business and brand… And it is only the start for Lotus – there is much more to come,” on the Lotus Eletre’s focus.

The Lotus Eletre has serious power too, being able to go from 0-62 MpH in less than three seconds. The Managing Director of Lotus Cars, Matt Windle stated “The Eletre is a bold and revolutionary new car, delivering on our commitment to move Lotus into completely new automotive segments as we widen our global appeal and accessibility. This is a momentous point in our history and a clear signal of our ongoing desire to transform our business,” on the future Lotus vision of becoming a more accessible manufacturer.

The Lotus Eletre is available for purchase reserve now through the Lotus website, and interested consumers can visit the website for more info on the new Hyper-SUV.

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