Marvel Future Revolution Pre-Registration is Open

| June 29, 2021
Marvel Future Revolution Pre-Registration is Open

Marvel’s upcoming mobile game, Marvel Future Revolution is now open for pre-registration for iOS and Android users worldwide.

Marvel Future Revolution is Marvel’s first open-world action RPG on mobile that features AAA-quality and 3D graphics in an original storyline written by Marvel comic book writer Marc Sumerak. The game kicks off with multiple earths in the Marvel multiverse converging to form a new ‘Primary Earth’. You’ll be able to complete missions while exploring unique zones like high-tech New Stark City, the dangerous Hydra Empire, the wild and rugged Sakaar, and much more.

“Working with a world-class IP like Marvel has enabled us to roll out unparalleled mobile gaming experiences over the years, and Marvel Future Revolution will catapult franchise fans to an entirely new level,” Netmarble US President, Simon Sim said. “The game promises a fun and engaging experience for Marvel diehards and casual mobile gamers alike, offering unique action RPG gameplay on a massive scale.”

The game is being developed by Netmrable, who previously developed Marvel Future Fight on mobile which accumulated more than 120 million users. Marvel Future Revolution will be the second collaboration title between Netmrable and Marvel Entertainment.

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You’ll be able to play as eight playable heroes including Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, and Storm. The hook of the game is the extensive collection of iconic costumes featured throughout the Marvel universe. If you have a number in your head, it’s way more than that as Marvel Future Revolution features more than 400 million costume combinations per hero to choose from.

“From the gleaming spires of New Stark City to the shadowed alleyways of Hydra Empire, players around the globe will be thrilled with the vast vistas waiting for them to explore in the wild open-world crafted by our friends at Netmarble,” Marvel Games VP of Creative, Bill Rosemann. “Whether you’re soaring through the skies as Storm or barreling through enemies as Captain America, players can live out their Super Hero dreams on an unprecedented scale filled with all the action, drama, humour, and fun that fans expect from Marvel.”

Marvel Future Revolution utilizes the Squad System with players having the opportunity to level up and play as new characters. Players will be able to show off their superhero skills in many PvP modes which range from one vs one matches all the way to 10 vs 10 matches.

Get a sneak peek of the game in the world premiere of live gameplay which will stream today at 8 PM ET on Marvel’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Twitch accounts. Marvel Future Revolution is set to launch in the second half of the year as a free-to-play for iOS and Android devices.

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