Marvel hints at a new costume for a new Ultimate Spider-Man

| Apr 18, 2011

Who will be under the mask come June?

The Death of Spider-Man storyline yet to reach its conclusion (and the fate of Peter Parker is still unknown), but Marvel has already released a teaser image that hints at an Ultimate Universe shakeup once the story is complete. Marvel says that at that time, Ultimate Spider-Man will be getting some new threads and that a new person will be under the mask.

“We called this story Death of Spider-Man for a reason,” said Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor In Chief. “This is a huge story that’ll have fans around the world talking for a long time as we set the stage for the debut of our new Spider-Man.”

The Death of Spider-Man is currently happening in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. Ultimates.  The story is set to conclude in June with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160.

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