Marvel’s Wandavision: Avant-Garde Explored

Marvel's Wandavision: Avant-Garde Explored

Marvel’s Wandavision is one of several upcoming Disney Plus shows to add some unique flavor and high demand to its streaming platform. Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris, recently interviewed with The Undefeated regarding her role in the unreleased sitcom.

While Parris is unable to divulge deep into the set of Wandavison, she comments, “It’s full-on action movie mixed with sitcoms; It’s wild. I think people are going to be very, very excited.” She continues in the interview, expressing her gratitude and opportunity to be apart of the Marvel Universe, “It has been a childhood dream to be a marvel superhero. I would see women who kick ass in these kinds of movies, and I would say, I want to do that.”

Teyonah Parris states that she has a unique opportunity to play not only a female superhero but one who is “such a badass.” As history shows that there haven’t been many leading superhero roles for women in general, Parris, watching the Marvel Universe come up, didn’t witness any black women who were superheroes. She includes that the part is important to her since “black women haven’t been afforded that opportunity.” She said to herself, “right, sure, that’s not going to happen– and then it happened. I am grateful to be apart of the Marvel Universe. I just can’t even believe this is happening.”

In a separate interview with IGN, Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, says, “It’s definitely the oddest of all Marvel’s endeavors so far. It’s super avant-garde and weird. The script is amazing.”

Marvel’s tasteful twist of the film, Pleasantville, has enticed rumors everywhere. Speculations are all anyone can make at this time; however, breaking down the trailer can shed light on a few possibilities as to where Wandavision might head.

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IGN reports, “This tone-setting footage for WandaVision seemed to imply that there’s something wrong with Wanda’s mind, and some fans are speculating she even would have created a false reality — say, a ’50s era sitcom-style setting — where she and Vision could still be together.” In the trailer, Wanda’s and Vision’s lives play out in black and white, that is, until they float off to absent-mindedness.


“This is our home now; I want us to fit in.” Wanda. Wanda and Vision can’t seem to remember their story or where they moved from, which creates a halt in time, signifying that one or both of them have reached a moment of self-realization during the lucid dreamlike state. Following this abrupt moment of interruption, Arthur, a character played by Fred Melamed, bangs his hand on the table; while this may hint at him having a mental illness, it is also very likely that the banging is a noise set back in reality, beginning to wake Wanda and or Vision from their dream. From that moment, the trailer introduces some color to the black and white sitcom. “Is this really happening?” Wanda asks.


Nosy Neighbor is the currently reported name for cast member Kathryn Hahn, who is found motionless sitting in her car bug-eyed until Vision touches her head, which causes her to gasp for air asking, “Am I dead?” Vision replies saying, “No– why would you think that?” She replies, “Because you are,” Then she laughs fanatically. Again, this adds to the theory that this world they are in is similar to a dream, or perhaps, it has to do with an illusion from one or many of the infinity stones? Finally, as the trailer progresses to its end, a brief moment of Wanda using her powers to transform the world around her using electrical manipulation. Vision can waken people; Wanda can finagle the world around her, so this might be more than just a dream the two are in. Wandavision being the combination of both lead character’s names, means Marvel has something up their sleeve that won’t be so obvious. Dr. Strange is listed as part of the cast, so maybe he’s the one behind all this? Stay tuned to Disney Plus for all the answers.

Wandavision will release only six episodes in December on Disney Plus. After Wandavison, Disney Plus has revealed several other upcoming shows from the Marvel Universe, including: What if…?, Loki, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, Ms. Marvel, and She Hulk.

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