MercurySteam Reveals Release Date For Raiders Of The Broken Planet

| Aug 18, 2017
MercurySteam Reveals Release Date For Raiders Of The Broken Planet 1

Raiders of the Broken Planet has received a release date and new Gamescom trailer.

MercurySteam, the developers behind Raiders of the Broken Planet, has just announced the release date for the highly anticipated Sci-fi shooter.

The upcoming title will be available September 22, in two flavours: a free to download prologue mission and an “Alien Myths” pack which will available for $9.99 USD. Both missions will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Starting with the free prologue mission, the download will offer players two lengthy missions set across four stages. It will also include several playable characters and unrestricted access to both single and online multiplayer modes.

Players who purchase the “Alien Myths” campaign will receive several hours of additional content which include new playable characters, new missions and, what MercurySteam is touting to be, an awesome stand-alone story campaign that builds upon the world of Raiders of the Broken Planet.

For those unfamiliar with Raiders of the Broken Planet, the title will offer the opportunity to play with up to four others in a counter-operative Space shooter.

The crux of the game borrows elements from the famed Dark Souls series, in that players will be able to invade other player sessions as the Antagonist, actively helping the bad guys defeat the likes of the real world, 4-player Fire team.

MercurySteam has promised that three additional campaigns will become available in regular intervals. The forthcoming campaigns will include: Wardog Fury, Hades Betrayal and Council’s Apocalypse.

The structure of each campaign is told through parallel storytelling, meaning players can jump into any given campaign and not feel lost. In other words, the stories present in each campaign can be enjoyed in any order.

“We want to be a developer in constant dialogue with our audience and ethical in our dealings at all times,” said Enric Alvarez, Studio Head at Mercury Steam. “Games are expensive and sometimes disappoint after all the media hype. We think allowing players to jump in for free is fair and if they like what they see, paying a reasonable price for more content is a better way to win them over.”

The Prologue and “Alien Myths” campaign for Raiders of the Broken Planet will be available September 22, 2017. 

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