Motiga Announces Temporary Layoffs

| February 9, 2016

The developers of the new MOBA shooter, Gigantic, has had to severely cut down the number of its staff as it looks to secure the necessary funding for operation.

While this news is extremely saddening, the staff still believes in the community and the support that they’ve received thus far for the game. They plan to aggressively pursue the funding that they need to bring back the members of the Motiga family that have sadly been let go. They’re already in talks and negotiations with potential investors, however at this time, they simply don’t have to funds to support the whole team.

Due to this drop in staff, Gigantic should be impacted as the layoffs are studio-wide and all departments have been affected. Motiga will, however, continue to support Gigantic for as long as possible.

Motiga is committed to being transparent with its staff and its community and will be reporting on any new future developments.

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