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Smite Reveals The Morrigan

SMITE Reveals The Morrigan

Hi-Rez’s SMITE has become a major name since its launch. In a MOBA space primarily dominated by DotA 2 and League of Legends, the stalwart free-to-play game has earned a

Smite (PS4) Review

SMITE (PS4) Review

As a MOBA fan from the start with the original DOTA mod, it’s been interesting to see the genre wax and wane over time. Riot

Smite on PS4 Launches on May 31st 1

Smite on PS4 Launches on May 31st

Ever hear of an “Action MOBA”? Neither have I, but with over 20+ million players, at the very least, Smite seems to be popular enough. Now,

Battleborn (PS4) Review 2

Battleborn (PS4) Review

To say Gearbox’s new MOBA FPS hybrid Battleborn came into the world with a ton of hype is an understatement.

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