NCSoft’s New MOBA is Coming to the West

NCSoft's New MOBA is Coming to the West

Another MOBA enters the spotlight, coming from NCSoft’s South Korean offices in Seul. Master X Master is being dubbed an action MOBA from the developer and expected to land overseas in the second half of 2016.

MXM brings players the ability to choose two masters and swap between them during gameplay, adding a new level of strategic edge to the genre. With an announced roster of 30 masters already, there’s hundreds of ways to play. The roster is full of both new original characters as well as some favourites from previous NCSoft titles like Rytlock from Guildwars 2 and Mondo Zax from Wild Star. More characters are promised to be released before and after launch.

In this MOBA you won’t be pointing and clicking your way to victory, instead you’ll be able to manually control your Master yourself. This includes the ability to jump and dodge enemy attacks. Swapping between Masters requires a 10 second cool down, so make sure to time it right. Since both of your characters have their own separate health bars, this replaces the usual in-match stores players have to visit during other MOBAs.

While there are small arenas for you and your friends to duke it out with others online as well as the traditional lane based, turret toppling combat, challenge yourself with some cooperative PvE. Take on dungeon like levels, reminiscent of RPGs, to explore and conquer with allies or by yourself and annihilate the boss at the end. Find and collect loot and upgrade your gear for a more powerful character. While your loot amd gear carries over from dungeon to dungeon, it will not carry over into the PvP, just to keep things fair.

The battlegrounds where you’ll be facing off against AI and human opponents alike has a colourful and almost cartoonish look that’s very appealing to the eyes. They characters themselves look great and from the limited amount we can see already, the lineup is varied, unique and interesting.

NCSoft has yet to comment if this will be a free-to-play title or if we have to drop some cash upfront for admission.

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