New! 52 Mortys To Start In Pocket Mortys

| January 7, 2016
New! 52 Mortys To Start In Pocket Mortys 3

Adult Swim has released the first 52 available Mortys for their upcoming Pokemon style game Pocket Mortys.

Provided to IGN, the first 52 of 80+ Mortys available in the free-to-play mobile adventure showcase some hilarious available Mortys and Morty evolutions. Some of these Mortys feature offerings like Mustache Morty which evolves to Hipster Morty, Buff Morty, Robot Morty and notable Mortys from the show such as the Hammerhead Morty and Cronenburg Morty.


What’s already on offer looks to add a lot of charm and humor to the game. Given the nature of “free-to-play” mobile games, one can only speculate if Adult Swim chooses to continue adding Mortys as free updates as the game goes on, or release them in paid-dlc packs.

Pocket Mortys (which, now that I realize it, is a clever reference to Pocket Monsters) will be available January 14



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