New Details on SaGa Port, Remake and New Game

| Dec 15, 2015
New Details on SaGa Port, Remake and New Game - 2015-12-15 07:56:59

The SaGa series has been around now for quite some time, appearing on The Game Boy all the way to the PS Vita. With the 25th anniversary, it seems Square Enix may be looking to do something special for the franchise.

On Akitoshi Kawazu twitter, he announced that “For the SaGa 25th anniversary, we did various activities for the past two years. Thank you every fans for the support. Activities for the 25th anniversary will end today. Info on new game, remake, port, every each of the SaGa work will continue to be deliver from now on. Thank you so much!”

It would be exciting to see this classic franchise make an appearance on the modern generation of consoles. Only time will tell what could become of this news, but for fans of the SaGa series, it won’t be long now before we know more.

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