New Infographic Reveals Online Gaming Industry Worth

| January 19, 2017
New Infographic Reveals Online Gaming Industry Worth

Online gaming is a booming industry, and a brand new infographic explores the statistics behind the industry in a bit more detail. Called “How much is the online gaming industry worth?” and published on 100TB, the image clues the industry into the way online players engage with multiplayer: especially when it comes to eSports.

“The online gaming industry has many levels and layers to contend with when it comes to what is making money,” 100TB states in the infographic. “Right now, the digital market is making an impact, allowing instant gratification for gamers who want to watch people play the latest games or gain access to them immediately without leaving the house.”

According to the infographic, League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Pokémon Go are the three most popular online games based on digital revenue obtained. The infographic also lists Tencent Games as easily the most profitable company in the list, scoring $246.35 billion USD as their market cap. In comparison, Nintendo only boasts $42 billion. More info is included in the image below.

New Infographic Reveals Online Gaming Industry Worth

The infographic pulls its sources from multiple locations, according to an email sent to CGMagazine. These include a Polygon article on 2016’s Dota 2 International eSports tournament, a press release from HTC, and sponsor info from Cloud9, Evil Genius, Team Liquid and TeamSoloMid. Sadly, the infographic doesn’t give any sources on the image itself, making some of the information hard to track down. But it’s safe to say that the infographic does raise some important points about the online gaming and eSports industries, such as the audience gap between male and female viewers: Men outrank women by 37 per cent when it comes to watching eSports matches in the UK. And the infographic captures how brand sponsorship is becoming a major part of eSports tournaments events, with companies such as Coca Cola, Red Bull, Intel, Monster Energy and Logitech stepping in to sponsor teams or events.

Suffice to say, the eSports industry is definitely growing. 2017 looks to be the field’s biggest year at this rate, if 100TB’s chart provides any context for the upcoming months ahead.


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