New PlayStation 5 Model Spotted in the Wild

Nothing Screwy About This Model

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Sony quietly released a new model of the PlayStation 5, and a screwdriver isn’t needed to change this console’s position.

The information comes from Press Start, an Australian-based video game-focused website. The outlet also went on to report the updated PlayStation 5 models are about 300 grams lighter than the launch model. This may not sound like much but it certainly points to something being different inside, though at this time that remains unclear.

It could just be that the clamp itself is a little lighter, along with a few other minor differences. The system doesn’t look different, outside of a few little alterations, including the console’s stand. The stand features a different kind of screw and can now be adjusted by hand, instead of requiring the use of a screwdriver.

Moving the stand was only necessary if users wanted to change the system from horizontal to vertical and vice-versa, but it was still rather silly. It felt like a step backward in console design, especially after the sleek and smooth PS4 Pro.

New Playstation 5 Model Spotted In The Wild

The model was originally spotted in Japan last month but this is the first it’s been spotted outside internationally. The dimensions of the launch digital edition and this digital edition are the same, so any further changes are likely minor. Details on what exactly was changed beyond this will need to wait until someone performs a teardown on a console. A comparison video between the two units will make it easier to determine if anything notable was changed beyond the stand.

Technology is constantly changing and so it’s not surprising for different kinds of systems to release, even if the PS5 did launch less than a year ago. New parts, changes in assembly processes, and better technology can sometimes lead to better and cheaper systems. This model doesn’t appear to be trading in your current system and upgrading to, unless you’re someone who moves their console frequently.

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