New World Update Reduces Influence Increase and Bug Fixes

New World Update Reduces Influence Increase and Bug Fixes

Amazon Game Studios has rolled out New World‘s second update which brings a whole lot of bug fixes, clarification on recent bans, reduction on influence increase and more.

The patch went up earlier this morning after five hours of maintenance. The developer addressed the concerns some players faced when they received random bans out of nowhere with vague messaging. In the patch notes, it was revealed that the game will use human moderation and an Easy Anti-cheat System as part of the change for bans in the game.

“Fixed an issue causing players kicked, suspended, banned, or removed from the game by Easy Anti-Cheat to receive unclear communication. Additional messaging has been added so players can better understand the penalty they received,” New World community Manger said in the 1.02 patch notes.

That’s not all the changes as the patch has made a couple of adjustments to faction missions and the rate of influence gain. When players attack faction they will now receive a reduced influence gain, when it comes to players on the other side they won’t see a decrease in influence gain while defending. The change to the game comes after a bug that caused influence gain to multiply way later than it was expected for players.

The patch also comes with bug fixes. A couple of examples include bear and boar spawning, making sure players can’t respawn as a corpse, settlement storage and most importantly balance loot gain. That last bug fix will make sure the variety and number of loot is more balance across modes to chest in the Amazon’s new MMO.

While character transfers were said to be implemented in an upcoming update, the 1.02 update is not that update. As this feature is heavily anticipated, character transfers are still pending, but New World did add that this update lays the groundwork to implement the feature. To find out more about the update, check the New World 1.02 patch notes.

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