New Yakuza 5 Screenshots Just Unleased

| November 6, 2015
New Yakuza 5 Screenshots Just Unleased - 2015-11-06 09:16:35
The Yakuza franchise is known for it’s bombastic fighting and unique style of storytelling. The latest installment of the series, Yakuza 5 is activity in development for the for the North American release.
Developed by Sega exclusively for the PS3, the latest installment utilizes a new graphics engine, making this installment one of the most beautiful to look at.
The latest set of screenshots have now been released, showing how the fighting and battle system will be front and center in this latest installment. Sega is pulling no punches with this release, and it is looking stunning. Let us know what you think about this release, and if you will be picking it up when it finally hits shelves this year in the comments section below.

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